shiitake mushroom hedge

shiitake mushroom hedge


"Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art, a mushroom." Thomas Carlyle

This homegrown hedge requires no more commitment than a house plant.

A few harvests will happen over 8-10 weeks, growing up to 2 pounds of shiitake mushrooms. 

Your hedge needs indirect sunlight, and prefers a warm room temperature, range of 60-75 degrees F. It is also very user friendly, mushrooms have been doing their thing on earth for a long time.

Grow artfully local. Your own kitchen is a righteous place to start.


** Your hedge is a "live" item. Pre-orders started shipping on December 17, 2018 in time for holiday gift giving. As of today December 21, 2018 we cannot guarantee delivery for Christmas. If you'd like to order a hedge for a specific delivery date, please send us a note at checkout, we still have a few in stock. Cheers!

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